Platform Design

Discrimination happens on Airbnb and other platforms primarily through folks seeing the names and photos of guests before accepting the booking. On our platform we remove this opportunity for discrimination by introducing the photo only after the booking is confirmed.


Instant Booking Properties

Discrimination happens far more likely on properties that require the host to approve properties first vs instant book properties that a guest can book and be instantly approved. 99.9% of our properties are instant book, and this is by design, so there is no opportunity for discrimination in the first place.


Our branding purposely reflects a very diverse audience and this has been shown to reduce the likelihood that someone that is likely to discriminate would list their properties in the first place.



We use technology to prevent a host from denying a booking to one guest and then making those same dates available to another guest.


Manual Tracking

For folks that do list their properties, we approve every one manually by tracking down their listings on other platforms and checking their reviews